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Meet a professional musician, who has been performing music most of his life.

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Entertainer & Singer


To describe the talented “Marcqiese” with one word think “love”. Kathy Jordan Sharpton, producer of “Amateur night at the Apollo Theatre” compares him to James Brown, whom she was on the road with for over 10 yrs. Marcqiese caters to and is “loved” by all audiences due to the love that emanates from his performances. Accepted as a songwriter by Joel Feinberg, owner of the U.K. DewolfMusic Company, for his song, “ No Luv ” Marcqiese’s talent only continues to soar.


Based on location determines the travel fee and all packages requires a 50% deposit in order to book a date.

Video Live

$250 / 1 hr
  • Have your favorite songs performed for you anytime any where on your mobile device.


$350 / 1 hr
  • A car service that provides extra comfort. Your driver is a professional vocalist, singing your favorite playlist of songs live while getting you to your destination. This is a ride you won’t want to end; you’ll be praying for traffic! fee is per ride


$375 / 15 min
  • Personalized singing telegram to show true emotions from you to your loved one. For proposals, birthdays, cocktail hours, any special occasion!

Wedding or
Cooperate Singer

$1200 / 1 hr
  • Professional vocalist performs live at your wedding or party. with over 100 songs to choose from, the atmosphere will suit all!

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